Happy New Year! Yes, I’m running a little late 😉

Looking back on 2011, I am absolutely humbled by what my little business has become. In 2011, 39 families invited me into their lives to capture memories of their newborns, children, families, and pets, and I joined 2 amazing photographers (Tiffany Brubaker Photography and Bliss Photography) to celebrate 3 beautiful weddings. I can’t express how much I have adored these experiences.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

2011 was also a very challenging year, as I attempted to balance up a full-time career, 3 active kids, a relationship with my husband, up to 6 sessions in a week, with the editing, order fulfillment, and administration that goes with running a business. To say I was running on empty by the end of the year is an understatement. Changes are necessary for me to keep doing what I love, and that is spending time behind the camera with these amazing families. I hope to be able to fit in just as many sessions, but I need to spread them out better.

  • You may need to book a little further in advance in 2012 to get a session during my peak months.
  • I will no longer be fulfilling and delivering my own orders. After you place an order online, I will pass it on to my printer and have them ship the order directly to you. All orders will now be subject to a $5.00 shipping fee.
  • Online payments accepted! You can now pay online with credit or debit cards through Paypal (no account necessary). I am so excited to offer this flexibility. Of course, checks are still welcome. *Note: Make sure you use your coupon codes! If you pay your balance with Pay Pal, I won’t be able to tweak your total unless I give you a refund. This sounds like a headache for me and you. I think “Use your coupon codes may be my mantra for 2012!
  • To support the 2 previous changes, there will be a minimum print order of $50.
  • That’s it for now. No major pricing changes, just a few tweaks to ease the back end for me. There will also be some website changes coming in the next month, a special winter mini-session offer (like last year) and period specials on Facebook.

    Now, how about a sneak peek of my holiday card (which is still unsent, on my counter–yes, it has been a busy couple of months!)
    IMG_0886Rachel Eagle Photographyweb