One of the many nice perks of my maternity leave from both my day job and photography has been the time to shoot and edit (and now share) some more pictures of my own little birds.
Ben, my big boy, will be going to kindergarten in the fall. I can hardly believe it. He is sweet, sensitive, and imaginative. A few weeks ago he announced “tomorrow is elephant’s birthday.” Elephant has been his “lovey” since he was small, and he used to drag him everywhere. He made Elephant a card, and we took him to dinner with us (at McDonald’s). If you are wondering, Elephant turned 5.

Sammy is my crazy 2 year old. He is spirited to say the least, but it is hard to get mad at him when he is always smiling. He loves dressing up and can often be seen wearing a diaper, water shoes and a cowboy hat around the house. These boots are among his favorites, and honestly, can you blame him?

Lukie is already over a month old. He’s getting all fluffed up and is more beautiful (biased!) everyday. It amazes me how much he looks like Sammy as a baby. This beautiful quilt was a gift from my friend Becky.