A big post for Mama Monday this week, because it is a big event: Sam is three! (well, he’s actually been 3 for a bit, but I finally shot the pictures/shared the pictures).
Sam is so fun to photograph, because he is a total HAM and loves to dress up. For his 3 year shots, we chose the panda hat from Daddy and these purple “sunglasses,” because Sammy insisted. Sam is a nightmare to photograph, because he has a tiny attention span and NEVER sits still. I got 10 minutes each in 2 locations thanks to lots of fruit snack bribes. I think if parents saw how my kids behave around a camera, they would feel so much better about how their own sessions go!
IMG_0243-EditRachel Eagleweb
IMG_0256-EditRachel EaglewebIMG_0262-EditRachel EaglewebIMG_0309-EditRachel EaglewebIMG_0290-EditRachel Eagleweb