Last week, I met sweet newborn twins at 6 and 7 days old…no, not 2 days in a row. The boys have different birthdays :-)
IMG_9059-EditRachel Eagleweb
IMG_8947-EditRachel Eagleweb

Heather used to take care of my babies, and though I was sad to see her go, I am so thrilled that she and Andy now have these beautiful boys of their own.
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This is one of my favorites:
IMG_9113-Edit_filteredRachel Eagleweb-2

When I saw this before I left, I had to grab a few shots. This crib has been in Heather’s family for over 70 years!
IMG_9160-EditRachel Eagleweb

I’ll share a few of the individual shots in the next couple days…they both need to have their own spotlight too!